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Install commercial grade films that create a safer and more comfortable work environment.
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I would like to inform you about our safety, sun control, decorative and graffiti prevention products as compliment to existing glass. These products will benefit your risk/safety management and energy conservation programs and offer a more cost effective alternative to conventional window coverings. I am an authorized dealer for CPFilms Inc., Huper Optik USA and I can supply any window film material to fit your needs.
Sun control films are used where heat, glare and fade control are a consideration. These window films are scratch resistant and are available in spectrally select, ceramic and conventional appearances depending on the need. Spectrally select and ceramic films can control heat and fade damage while maintaining the natural appearance of the glass. Local utility companies offer considerable rebates for window film as part of the energy star program.
Safety/security polyester films are available in both clear and tinted varieties for privacy and are installed to the interior surface of existing glass. The glass will be held together if it becomes fractured from an earthquake, projectile or a forced entry attempt. Flying glass is the initial and primary cause of injury in an explosion or earthquake situation. Liabilities are reduced with safety/security film; the glass may break but will be held together. It will also absorb a fall against the glass and prevent lacerations. In a forced entry attempt, the time element and the added noise level will make the attempt futile.
Graffiti prevention is achieved with 4Ml/6Ml clear or tinted films installed on the exterior glass surface. This absorbs the impression of the vandals engraving tool and also protects the glass. Because of this damage, only the film will need to be replaced. It is more cost effective and the turn-around time is reduced making the attacks on glass by vandals easier to absorb.
I have over 40 years of experience installiing window film and am a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. As noted by my reference list, many commercial buildings have utilized our services for window film application. The respective contacts are available for your review. Visit our website at if you need more information or would like and on site survey, please contact me.
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